Miller Vase (Gone with the Wind) Lamps

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Often considered a banquet lamp, these highly decorated and hand painted and fired milk glass lamps with matching vase and ball shade gained the modern common name of ‘Gone with the Wind’ lamps from the famous movie (filmed 1939).  Ironically the movie is set during the American Civil War (1860’s) thus pre-dating these lamps by some thirty-five years.  Their inclusion in the movie was by a well intentioned but uninformed

set director.  Never-the-less their opulence and stunning appearance in the movie has caused the name to stick.

This style of lamp, like no other, was made by many companies and only the design and patents of the removable fonts, and the brand marks on the cast bases identify the maker.  Artists either worked as exclusive employees of the lamp companies or glassworks, or the better known, by tender.  Those ‘starting out’ might have painted for any number of companies.  These artists would ‘move around’ as their reputation demanded greater payment.


These lamps typically had a globe shade, which was always painted to match the vase but they are known with a 10" dome shade.  Today lamps like these are scarce with their original shades are are much sort after.


A lamp used in the library, main hall, sitting room or ball room of the fine Victorian home.

Juno ‘Vase’(Gone with the Wind) lamp        c.1896


This lamp displays a plain removable nickel plated ‘Juno’ font with the standard No. 2 burner fitted.  The removable font holds just under 2 pints (950ml), rated at 60 candle power and will burn for about 5 hours.







A very interesting vase lamp.  The vase is pewter with a spelter ring and four cast brass flowers attached (which closely resemble a Waratah! - A native Australian flower).  Very 'Art Deco' in style its shape and height clearly make it a 'Vase' lamp, not a true banquet lamp.  The removable font is of the 'Juno' range and is of plain brass - which suits the nature of the lamp perfectly.