Miller No. 2 New Juno Lamps

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New Juno - piercing to stem





       New Juno - no piercing to stem

brass embossed


Miller No. 2 'New Juno' Cup table lamp.      c. 1898

Inscribed 'The New Juno Made in the U.S.A.'

Again a somewhat plainer with only a band of embossing around the otherwise plain nickeled fount. The handles on this lamp are the same as those typically found on the Miller No. 0 hand lamps.  This example is also fitted with a nickled cast base held to the fount with a threaded rod and nut.  Displayed here with an original 10" folding tripod and dome shade.

Hieght (to top of burner)  11 7/8"  Circumfrence of fount (at under lip)  19 1/8"