Miller No. 2 Mill Lamp

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 Miller Mill Nickel Table lamp c. 1892

Inscribed 'The Miller Mill Lamp Made in the U.S.A.'

An interesting  lamp that is a variation to most of Miller's table lamps.  The exact purpose of the lamp, or the reason it is called a 'Mill' lamp is not known.  With a bulbus fount it is fitted with a quality Miller two piece No. 2 burner, c. 1892 patent wick raising devise and a Miller 10" folding tripod (spider).  Differently the fill cap is of the larger size, typically found on the No. 3 Mammoth lamps.  Displayed here with a 10" fluted top shade.


Hieght (to top of burner)  

Circumfrence of fount (at under lip) 


Inscription (at just below the collar)