Miller 'Empress'

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Miller No. 2 'Empress' Cup table lamp.      c. 1899

Inscribed 'The Empress No. 2 Made in the U.S.A.'

A beautiful lamp with a unique embossed pattern.  This lamp is scarce, and scarcer still as a cup lamp.  It can be found in both Nickel and brass. The handles on this lamp are elaborate and are the same as those on the earlier 'Miller' cup lamp.  This example is fitted with a cast base held to the fount with a threaded rod and nut.  The Empress is a variation on the c. 1895 patent Juno lamp.  Although it has the same wick raising devise it has a unique burner in that the four 'prongs' have been replaced with a gallery (see study on No. 2 burners) and the flame spreader has been altered in an attempt to make this lamp 'self extinguishing'.  Displayed here with an original 10" folding tripod and painted dome shade.


Hieght (to top of burner)   11 7/8"              Circumfrence of fount (at under lip)  19 1/8"