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Guidelines For Ebay Sellers

It has prooved necessary to add this section due to the inappropriate use of the information on this website by Ebay sellers, and Ebay sellers plagerising the work of this site.  This aside, it has always been my intention for this site to be used as a reference source and information to others about lamps made by Edward Miller.

IT REMAINS THE CASE THAT I AM HAPPY FOR INFORMATION FROM THIS SITE TO BE USED BY EBAY SELLERS either directly (copying and pasting or by paraphrasing) or indirectly (knowledge gained) so long as the following is followed.

1. That the information used is NOT taken out of context.

2. That I be advised, by email, of the use of the information, INCLUDING THE EBAY ITEM NUMBER.

Email address: information@edwardmillerkeroseneoillamps.com

3. That the listing include a reference to this website as the source of the information, including the web URL of



4. That the seller agrees to amend, alter or remove from their listing any information obtained from this site or any reference to this site upon request.


I am happy to assist in the identification of your lamp, but please indicate in your email that you seek the information with a view of selling the lamp on Ebay.  Should you use any information provided, either directly or indirectly, you must follow the above guidelines as well.

I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Stuart Driver

DISCLAIMER:  Please be aware that any identification is based on opinion.  Although my opinion has formed from over 16 years of restoring kerosene oil lamps, and during that time specialising in the Central Draught lamp of Edward Miller, it remains the case that I am constantly learning.  My willingness to share my knowledge and expertise is done on the understanding that should you choose to use any information from this site that you do so at your own risk and that I cannot be responsible nor liable for any statement used, either by me or from this website, if it later prooves incorrect.  AT THE SAME TIME if it ever comes about that a statement made by me, or information on this website is beleived to be incorrect, I welcome discussion, and am more than willing to edit my website to ensure that the information remains as correct as possible.