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 Item No.




 Lox on Mantle


World wide shortage till September 2009 


I am aware of one remaining source at

$19.00 ea.  VERY LIMITED.

Please email and order to have yours reserved.


$14.50 out of stock


 Kone Kap Mantle



 Lox-On Chimney



 Heelless Chimney



 Shade Ring - 10" (non genuine)



 14" shade tripod



 10" 501 shade (reproduction non genuine)



 14" White Parchment Shade (ruffled linnen)



 14" Parchment shade (various colours and designs)



 Wick - A B and C burners



 Wick - A, B and C burners




 Wick - #23




 Wick - #7 - 12




All of the above parts and accessories for Aladdin lamps are new components.  Old original parts might be available.  Please ask.

Unless otherwise stated all parts are genuine Aladdin parts - either made by Aladdin Industries or on licence from them.

Please do no hesitate in emailling me should you have any questions pertaining to your Aladdin Lamp